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How InspireMe Works


  • quixote Start your fundraiser

    1. Set your fundraiser goal
    2. Add a clear, concise, and catchy title to attract people
    3. Choose a compelling cover photo or video
    4. Tell your story - Present your campaign as a chance for supporters to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Clearly communicate why you’re running this campaign and what you will accomplish with their support. Inspire supporters to join your campaign.
    5. Add pictures and or videos to the body to sell your story.

  • quixote Share your campaign with friends

    1. Send emails
    2. Send text messages
    3. Share on social media

  • quixote Manage donations

    1. Accept donations
    2. Thank donors
    3. Withdraw funds

Important things to remember:

  • quixote Momentum

    your campaign should build as it goes, keep the community updated and generate buzz to keep the momentum going.

  • quixote Engagement

    Stay focused, engage often, and share on social media relentlessly. Show your passion. The longer your campaign, the harder it is to keep people interested.

  • quixote Urgency

    knowing that your campaign is ending soon creates a sense of urgency for the contributor – they are more likely to contribute immediately, before it’s too late.

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