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Sometimes, it simply takes a village. InspireMe Fund was launched to help you reach your goals, with the generous helping hands of others. InspireMe Fund is your platform for crowdfunding your ideas and goals; be that creating a movement for change, supporting causes which move your heart or bring tears to your eyes, reaching your own personal goals or supporting those around you who could use a helping hand. InspireMe Fund champions people for change.

InspireMeFund was founded by technology entrepreneur Chris Klotz who used his experience in community crowdfunding and venture capital to build this modern cutting edge platform. We welcome your feedback and please reach out to us if you need any help. Good Luck!

Why choose InspireMe.Fund

  • quixote Trust

    Our success is your success. Our team and financial partners are dedicated to ensuring a fraud free, successful experience.

  • quixote Reach

    InspireMe Fund helps you easily share your story far and wide over email, text, and social media to amplify your cause.

  • quixote Speed

    Set up your campaign quickly and start raising money right away for the cause that is important to you and others.

  • quixote Tools

    InspireMe Fund fundraising tools make it easy for you to create, share, and raise money for your campaign. We utilize the most modern technology to ensure a world class experience.

  • quixote Service

    Need customer service? We are ready to answer your questions, offer expert advice, and support you every step of the way. You can submit an email or use our online chat service and we will respond promptly.

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